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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 9, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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east oakland where a 3-year-old in a s shot and killedcc1: drive-by shooting this morning, mobile police have acc1: command center set up in the neighborhood as they search for suspects. that stor require coming up. >> b.a.r.t. is up and running this morning after leaving last stranded for hourscc1: night. >> it is tuesday, august 9th. "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. thanks for joining us. 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. we get your day started with a check on the weather and meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. if you've got the outdoor plans set for today you've got a treat. the weather will be perfect. we do have low cloud cover, some fog out there. watch out for less than a quarter mile visibility in santa rosa, down to five miles in novato. we're going to watch these and tell you about a warm-up on the
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way. that's coming up in your full forecast. first let's get to you work on time with mike. >> folks got home from work late last night if you took the b.a.r.t. system. trains are running on schedule, 42 last i checked and continuing to grow. we'll get you the look of the bay bridge. we're looking at the low clouds playing a factor now. fog will be an issue in the north bay. so far no major delays across the water. use caution on our bridges and over the east bay hills. >> we give it to you straight. world markets entering bear territory last night. and now here we are less than a half hour from wall street's opening. "today in the bay's" scott mcgrew is in the newsroom to 1:l us why there is maybe acc little glimmer of hope for more stability. >> perhaps. good morning to you. the fed, jon, has its regularly scheduled meeting today. of bullets in this fight. it can't lower interest rates
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farther but perhaps it could today give some sort of hint that there will be a long time till it does raise rates. that might goose the markets. a purist would say the stock market is not the fed's mandate. these days it's hard to find a purist. for the world markets you mentioned germany, england, france, all lower. asia same thing. hang seng, the nikkei, all lower. the big question is are they responding to our losses yesterday or predicting what will happen today. it's hard to say. as for local stocks the ones that got hit the hardest are some of the newest. marla tellez is live in san jose to talk about some of the recent ipos. >> good morning. we're talking ipos, companies thinking about with it. the s&p downgrade has really taken a toll on recent ipos,
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notably linked in, zillow and pandora. yesterday the professional social network linked in dropped 17%, internet company pandora tumbled 8% and zillow dipped 7%. of course not good news for those companies and investors. now companies such as zynga and groupon which filed to go public they have something to think about and companies like facebook and yelp waiting in the wings. a tech analyst i spoke to, now is not the ideal time for them to go public. folks who i've stopped say it's a scary situation but they are going to ride it out. >> i'm in med device. watching all of the health care stocks that i track it was disheartening to watch it go down, but honestly, for me, it's something that i'm not as concerned about right now.
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i'm in it for the long haul. >> if people would just hold on and rely on their own intuition, and knowing that things will go well, things will end up going a lot better than jumping. >> reporter: so, what about the long haul that analyst i spoke to said it's going to take at least a quarter or probably longer for investors to regain confidence in the market. he says the one company that may be able to overcome thisser tire wave is facebook. even if facebook were to go public today he says with all of the type that surrounds it, he thinks it's a place investors would go to regain some of their losses. >> marla, thank you of it it appears nobody is safe out there. we have a lot more coming up. we'll bring you the opening bell live and show you what happens once the trading begins again. we'll look at why ratings
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agencies like standard & poor's and moody's have so much influence. >> it is 6:04. oakland police stepped up patrols fearing more violence after a toddler was killed by a drive-by shooter in broad daylate. christie smith is live this morning with more. so tragic. >> reporter: it is. it's a terrible story. you can see that on the faces of the deputies out here. in fact, in the last minutes eight new deputies. some didn't want to go on camera to tell me they have been at it since 6:00 yesterday evening. there is a mobile command center set up on 65th and international. part of an effort to beef up patrols. 3-year-old carlos was with his family outside of a market on
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international boulevard. this was in broad daylight when he was struck and killed in a drive-by shooting. the two heals, the intended victims were hit but survived. ordered steppedcc1: up patrols, day watch campaign finance reforms stayed over. he talked of having to look the eye.s moth in the cc1:cc1: he shed is a wake-up call. >> i've called the ch prk, the sheriffs and melinda hague, the u.s. attorney from the area. and we need to get resources here. >> reporter: police are working overtime but they say much of the suspect and vehicle information so far is just too vague to release or be helpful. this is the 67th killing of the year, an increase from this time last year. this mand center and stepped up patrols will be out here throughout the week. got to do something about it. thank you very much, christie.
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6:06 now. the man accused of drunk driving and a hit and sun crash spub in court today. 21-year-old andrew vargas hit a 9-year-old boy, a 58-year-old woman and several parked cars and took off. about an ested himcc1: hour later. the boy ryan white remains in critical condition at san hospital.c1: >> about one month before the first anniversary of the san set to plosion, pga allcc1: start testing its pipe hines. preparations should start as early as tomorrow. the project expected to last two months. city of palo alto warns that residents may smell some gas and road detours. the company announced it would use pressure water testing to ensure the safety of the pipes.
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>> b.a.r.t. is back up and running but a computer router issue shut down service for hours.cc1: ma b.a.r.t. says computers stopped working. they couldn't tell where any of the trains were. full service didn't get restored until about 10:00 at night. >> 6:08. that means it's time to check on weather and christina loren. >> good morning to you. we've got some fog out there. starting to develop now in the east bay. we have 9 miles visibility. tag.cc1: for pockets ofcc1: you'll likely who is visibility. we have 10 miles at the san francisco airport. in oakland looking good. problem in santa rosa with a half mile visibility. and about with 20 minutes ago down to a quarter of a whimile watch for dense pockets of fog.
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probably until 10:00 a.m. in the coast. the sun will break through by about fine 30 clock. 53 in sunnyvale, 53 in san mateo. 71 insonny veil. comfortable in wine country. and yes, kind of careery, kind of damp in san francisco. mostly sunny but you might have to wait until about 2:00 p.m. 80 in los gatos with cloud cover throughout the day in san francisco. just 66 degrees. warmer1: weather on the way. i've got that forecast, your seven-day coming up in moments. update our friends in the south bay. i showed you a good stretch of slowing. now 87, sensors slower toward kirchner. that typically happens as more hit the road. around idlewild it was the southbound side. now moved to the shoulder.
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there was a traffic break. as you said out over the hill. we'll get you a look at the bay bridge. at gs getting more crowdedcc1: the bottom of the screen, just before the cash lanes so we should see metering lights. >> can tell when traffic picks up. >> jon kelley, we're welcoming him. >> thank you so much. and the donuts are on the way. >> i got to get out of here. read this one. >> 6:10 now. coming up on "today in the bay," a lot of screaming going on and no, it's not about the markets. >> scary stuff. plus a woman says she keeps getting mistaken for casey anthony. it's a mistake she says is getting dangerous. >> i'm bob redell here live in san francisco. not the warmest reception at last night's candidate forum for the man who is mayor and now
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wants to be mayor again. that story coming up. >> a live look outside. some fog there rolling in. christina will tell us if it will roll out and mike will check the traffic >> we have details about a sonoma wine country give away. check it out on facebook. ♪
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>> yes, the fog getting out of the way. we can see the golden gate bridge now. we can see again traffic look like it's starting to smooth out for you. we'll have an official update coming up. >> san francisco mayor ed lee has his work cut out for him. his official announcement to run for the top job in san francisco raised cheers from supporters but opposition from some voters
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and other candidates. joins us live with a look at what's been a very interesting past 24 hours for the man who runs city hall. >> good morning. interim san francisco mayor ed lee certainly has supporters, you consider the tens of thousands of dollars raised by his backers. but over the past 24 hours we detractors.t he had cc1: you certainly saw them out yesterday. upset that he is breaking a promise that he made back in january when he was appointed interim, not to run for a full term. obviously he has changed his mind. hence, the reason it wasn't a welcome wagon reception. >> are you going to step down because you lied to the board of supervisors and are in that office under false pretenses. >> that was yesterday morning at the department of elections in city hall where a heckler was
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heckling the mayor as he was trying to file his papers. at the forum last night there were cheers, boos and heckling from the crowd gathered at the castro theater. not much love from fellow candidates. david chew questioned the ethics of the unofficial ed run ed campaign set up by lee supporters, state senator leland ye called for lee to resign as interim mayor for going back on his word. >> it seems to me, seems to me that had the mayor said that he would in fact run, that he may not have got at any votes to become the interim mayor. now that the promise is broken i want to ask the mayor as to whether or not he would resign from this post and then run as just any other individual. >> reporter: the call for lee to resign began as he started to
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file his papers as i mentioned. charles kaylish asked lee for stepping down. police dragged kaylish out. kaylish and a former supervisor are behind the ed lee's a liar facebook page. mayor lee says he just had a change of heart. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. >> the good news is christina can give us something to cheer about. >> something that's not changing at all lately. we have a little bit of a change as we head toward the end of this week. but really holding on to comfortable weather for this time of year. you should thoughtcc1: have invited your friends and family to visit you in august. temperatures below their seasonal averages all month long. woe showed you a picture of the transamerica pyramid. it was clear. now you're socked in. we've got deep pockets of fog
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drifting around the bay area so watch out for that. we're looking okay. north bay, this is where we're seeing the thickest fog. watch for a half mile visibility down through novato. that's where we're noticing the thickest fog. if you are waking up and getting ready to head down the san francisco take it easy. on shore flow is the reason why we've got this marine air continuing to push in. mostly cloudy start, mostly sunny afternoon. area of low pressure has been sitting and spinning to the north. that's driving in the onshore flow. things start to change as we head to the end of the week. we'll talk about that. let's talk about what's happening here first. 56 in concord. 53 in sunnyvale and 55 degrees in santa cruz. looking for a good beach day later on. you'll be able to hit the beach comfortably. we've got nice weather on the way toward the end of the week. by noon today, as you break for lunch, 71 in redwood city. 61 in san francisco, 62 in oakland. showsour by hour forecastcc1:
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by 4:00 p.m. temperatures climb in the low 80s. 81 for gilroy, 80 in los gatos. 66 degrees in san francisco. things start to change as we head into thursday and friday. and this area of high pressure starts to build in. ridging, your thecc1: satellite imagery you can pick that up, that's going to bring our temperatures into mid-80s as we head through probably friday and saturday at the coast, that means the 70s for you, perfect weather even in the city of san francisco as we head to friday. 73 degrees in the city on friday. 86 degrees inland, 82 saturday, still not too hot and no 90s. let's see how we're doing. 70s, 60s out there? >> you know, there are some. and i'm not going to point them out the 70s. chp will find them. we're looking at a nice drive altamont pass ecc1: through the heart of livermore. 18 minutes. that might creep up because there is an accident here as you approach the dublin interchange.
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a lot of tire debris. i'll track this. at least 18 minutes out of the altamont pass. out of here 17 minutes, 17 miles per hour, sorry, clearing by harbor but the 52 speeds continue to drop through bay and then toward concordcc1: walnut creek the interchange moving smoothly. we'll get a look over toward the maze. these folks heading to the caldecott tunnel. not bad but speeds close to 50 right at the golden gate fields: area. live look, we'll show you how things are shaping up. folks lining up in cash lanes.c: i see folks backing up there as well. the fast track lanes not a big issue. i'm checking, those are the fast track lanes. that means the metering lights were turned on. back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. it's 6:19. are you looking for a job that mansion change out at acc1:
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and be creepy? what about this. witches, continue forcc1: men at the giecc1: house.1:r mysterycc even looking for a ghost to play sarah winchester. this year for the first time the house is holding fright nights weekends leading up to halloween. the auditions are at santa clara's center for the historic arts. >> swimmer diana nyad had to quit her swim between cuba and the florida keys. hero.mycc1: these are from sunday as she pushed off to begin her swim. the crew says she was pulled from the water after swimming for 29 hours. see, that's massive. she was about halfway finished. then decided to swim. she had to end saying the currents kept pushing her east of the intended course.
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at that point it was not safe. >> impressive. >> 29 hours.cc1: i'll give you credit. a lot more than i can dog paddle. an orlando woman says she's changing her hooks so people stop mistaking her for casey anthony. when she goes out with a hat and sunglasses on people think she is the infamous casey anthony. still a lot of anger in florida after a jury acquitted anthony murderedcc1: hercc1:1: caylee.cc1: a group of machine attacked her and her brother. her brother ended up with two blk eyes. >> it's dangerous. it's scary. if my story can help other people say before they kree act, wait, maybe that's not her. that's a good thing. ditching says she'scc1: the hat and sunglasses at least until the anthony craze dies town. >> 621. we a lot more coming up effort in toxt to
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change the way we elect the president. >> barry bonds' attorneys make a pitch to a judge. how they want them to hand the conviction. >> how do you buy a beatr?ry l keke a look coming up. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>> welcome back everyone. 6:24. lawyers for baseball great barry
6:25 am
bonds want a san francisco judge to throw out his conviction for obstruction of justice, or, give him a new trial. bonds' attorneys filed court papers claiming prosecutors were grasping at straws to sustain the verdict against the home run king. a jury convicted bonds ever obstruction of justice after bonds gave a deliberatery rambling answer his1: trainer ifcc ever gave him steroids. a judge will consider bonds' request at the end of this month. >> california is joining a movement that tries to shake up the presidential election. governor brown has signed a bill that will award all 55 state electoral it votes to the candidate that wins the nationwide popular vote. alifornia is the eighth statec: to change how its electoral votes are distributed. the states are trying to avoid a rebeat when al gore won the popular bush gut george bush to win the electoral vote.
6:26 am
>> scott is here to talk business and tech. one of the strange byproducts of this downturn is credit is cheaper. >> that makes my head hurt. the thing is when the dow falls 600 plus points, money comes out of stocks the money has to go somewhere. it's going into treasuries. bonds and t-bills that creates odd side effects. for instance, generally speaking, home mortgages are tied to treasuries and the bigger the demand for treasuries, the smaller the yield. that pulls mortgage rates down. the hoest level, in fact, of the year yesterday. it's ironic at a time when all the talk is about credit, credit is pretty darn cheap. credit card rates could come down, same reason. though those move less quickly. so what happens to banking stocks when they charge less for mortgages and credit cards, they plunge. wells fargo was down 9% in
6:27 am
active trading monday. let's talk treasury bills and bonds. if money's coming out of stock into those things how do people get those? you can do it. you go to you enter your social security number, your deposit information and you know how you change money from savings to checking, it's just that simple with this. you say 100 ducks in a t-bill, it goes in your account and leaves you the money. >> i like it. thanks, scott. >> 6:27. still to come on "today in the bay" we'll have a live report on how the drooping market is affecting bay area tech companies preparing ipos. a 3-year-old boy caught and killed in the crossfire. what police are doing about with it today, next in a live report.
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>> new this morning, we're just minutes away from this morning's opening bell. we're going to watch how the markets start out of the gate. >> reporter: silicon valley companies that recently went public are feeling the pain this morning. so are their investors. good morning. i'm marla tellez. what the credit downgrade mean for potential ipos coming up. >> neighbors are reacting after a 3-year-old boy is shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in east oakland. plus, oakland police beef up patrols. that story coming up in a live report. >> it is tuesday, a foggy tuesday, august 9th. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. it's 6:30 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> and good morning, i'm jon kelley. we've got to talk markets, we have to talk weather. that brings in christina loren. >> a lot of numbers this morning. you'll like the numbers in the weather department. temperatures today maxing out in the upper 70s, low 80s. we've got a lot of fog, cooler and cloudier this morning than yesterday. we'll talk about what that means for your afternoon and we've got word of a warm-up on the way. let's get you to work. >> i was looking at the visibility map. you showed a half mile in santa rosa.cc1: 2.25. that's an issue for the north bay. you see the low clouds. the metering lights were turned on in my last report. so in less than 10 minutes actually we've had this fill in the entire parking lot area. so that's the slowdown. much heavier volume than yesterday. >> thanks for the update. the markets have been open for a 1:43 so far.:
6:32 am
what can we expect? let's go to scott mcgrew. >> good morning.cc1: that sounds pretty fair, turbulence, dow industrials up about 64 points this morning drubbing1: olutecc yesterday. now 107 points as we continue to accelerate. local tech stocks have done fairly well. up1: as is google. apple making a lot of money, remember, in its last quarterly report. so some of these tech stocks where you are seeing money being made, may have a recovery faster than others. does meet today as well. that's going to be something to watch as we wait to see if the fed can do anything about some of the volatility in the market or even if it should. something that's going to be volatile are brand new tech stocks, those ipos that took place recently, and those about to take place. let's go to marla tellez. she's hive in san jose to continue our coverage. cc1:morning.
6:33 am
>> reporter: good morning, scott. if you put your money in one of those companies that recently went public, perhaps you have buyer's remorse. but when speaking to a tech analyst we all need to remember what goes down must come up. the recent ipos getting hit hard, linkedin dropped 17%, pandora, the popular internet radio company dipped 8% and zillow, the real estate website fell 7%. companies like zinga and groupon they are now worried. at facebook and yelp talk of an ipo an analyst tell me it's not the right time but this may be an exception. >> unless you are an incredibly: powerful company like, say, a facebook, probably want to put off your ipo until the investor
6:34 am
comes back to the table. right now would be a bad time. >> reporter: as for the passerbys i've spoken to, people here on main street so to speak, most say they are taking the big fall in stride. >> i'm not as concerned now as i know a lot of folks are, just stick it out and watch it day by day. >> reporter: the other element of this story is its impact on venture capitalists. many in the valley understandably concerned. uneasy about where to put their money. >> have to watch it more closely. thank you very much. >> in oakland the police chief calling for reinforcements after a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting killed a 3-year-old boy. christie smith is live in oakland where police are stepping up patrols after this
6:35 am
sad, tragic event. >> reporter: this is a horrible shooting of a they-year-old boy. i've been speaking with neighbors who have seen hard times here in east oakland but they tell me that they really hope this is a wake-up call. meantime, oakland police set up a mobile command unit along with help from the sheriff's department. steps away from where 3-year-old carlos was shot and killed. police say this was two men standing near a pizza restaurant in the afternoon when a car made a u-turn and someone opened fire. the two men were hit but they are okay. the toddler was not. anthony betts says he reached out for extra resources, officers are working overtime. i just spoke with a life long oakland resident who says it shakes him up when children are
6:36 am
involved. >> kids, it's amazing. probably the person that shot him was a kid most likely. hopefully it wail wear on him where he will turn himself in. >> mr. turner also left a teddy bear in the spot where the boy was shot. everyone in the neighborhood talking about this. this is the 67th homicide this year and that's up from last year. the command post we're told will be here all week. i wanted to mention this evening that the mayor's office and some faith-based groups in east oakland are going to hold a vigil tonight at 7:00 p.m. at 64th and international. >> it hurts your heart. >> it really is. let's turn to better news. 6:36. if you like cooler temperatures for august, checking in with meteorologist christina loren. >> you know, there's a few in every crowd who want the hot
6:37 am
weather. we had some really nice unseasonably cool weather that's going to continue today, tomorrow warmer toward the weekend. on shore flow is the reason it's so mild. we've seen system after system kind of spinning to our north. so for us another round of fog, heavy low cloud cover as we head throughout morning hours. that will make a for a comfortable afternoon, in the upper 70s to the low 80s inland. another positive outlook is the air consult. typically in august we see quite a few unhealthy air quality days. we haven't seen any. that's forecasted all throughout the weekend. we're watching for reduced visibility especially in the north bay down to a half mile in santa rosa. 2 1/2 in novato. and dense patches out there. just because walk out the door and you don't see the fog doesn't mean you're not going to encounter it. you want to travel cautiously.
6:38 am
we're about 5 degrees cooler. 68 degrees and round out the day in the upper 70s. low 80s. i've got the seven-day coming up. >> a lot more crowded for 580 through the tri-valley. 22 minutes. the better news though more are on the road, less debris and the potential of what sunds like a fender-bender cleared. that's great news. still we see that showing through the part of livermore. slowing throughant wok, southbound 4, 10 miles per hour at our l street sensor. below 50 in spots through pittsburgh and baypoint. we'll end with a live shot at the golden gate bridge. the fog will affect your drive and also across the bridge you can't even see the south tower as you come into the city. >> not at all. thanks for the update there.
6:39 am
it is now 6:38. still ahead the san francisco mayor's race. >> plus a look inside as a deadly tornado tears down its walls. >> showing influence on world markets, next, why they have all of that influence. >> and believe it or not that is san francisco out there in the fog. we'll check that out with the othis break.
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>> the time is 6:41. standard & poor's downgrading sparked yesterday's drop-off in the market. now moody's says it could also lower the u.s. credit rate. the question is who exactly is behind these agencies and why, why do they have so much influence? tracie potts is live in washington to tell us who. >> hey, jon, good morning. there are three of these ratings agency, moody's, fitch and standard and poor. it's s and p that decided. how do they make that, five analysts in a room behind closed doors for at least a month, 6 weeks we're told, off and on meeting, going through the numbers. they look at things like how much wealth is in our country versus debt. are we on budget, of course that's been a big issue in recent weeks. they look at growth rates, and, this was the big one, they lincoln at politics.
6:43 am
when s and p looked at the politics and the gridlock it wasn't just an issue with how much debt we're carrying, but it's the fact that we've got so much gridlock, washington's unable to come up with an effective plan to deal with it that's big enough to deal with the problem, and that's why they decided on the downgrade. what does it mean to you? when our credit is downgraded it's harder for our country to get good interest rates, to borrow money to pay off our debts. it could be harder for you to get good interest rates as well. if you buy a car or home or sending your kids to college. one thing you want to keep an eye on, the fed is meeting, the federal reserve is meeting today. they are going to take a look at this. they could decide to emphasize that they are going to keep interest rates low and that might help the situation some. >> tracie potts from washington, thank you. >> 6:43. coming up dirty politics seems to be taking over san francisco and the mayoral race. we'll have a live report coming
6:44 am
up. >> plus, riots spread to more english cities. >> the markets turning higher. we'll look at your company coming up in tech today. >> keeping tabs, looks like the dow industrial afternoon up about 10 points early trading. ♪ [ male announcer ] who's your car's best friend? gasoline that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your c.
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>> welcome back everyone. a foggy start. that is the embarcadero along san francisco's waterfront this morning. we're going to check the forecast coming up in a bit with meteorologist christina loren. 6:46 now. >> take a look at this released video from joplin, missouri. it shows the inside of a high school as a tornado rips it
6:47 am
apart on may 22. the school just releasing the video as part of a fund-raiser to help rebuild. the storm destroyed 10 buildings at the school and it killed 30 people in joplin. classes are set to start next week but students have to go to a mall until the school can be rebuilt. wow. >> 6:47 now. not our case but a lot of fog. >> we did have our share of extreme weather this year, so finally mother nature giving us a break. we're seeing a really mild august. and this morning something we're noticing in the south bay, not as cloudy to start you out. but definitely a lot more fog hugging the coast. we didn't see that marine layer push that far inland. that's the biggest difference between yesterday morning and today. you're a little cooler in san jose, about 3 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. same for the east bay cities. let's talk about what's happening in trps of visibility
6:48 am
its down to a half mile in santa rosa. 4 miles, we're expecting fog the next couple of hours. i think the thickest between 7:00 and 8:00. you're going to leave between now and then you want to take it easy out there. our temperatures are comfortable this morning. at 54 degrees, right now in san francisco 51 in santa rosa and 53 in sunnyvale. at noon really comfortable, great day for outdoor plans again. we're going to warm up so you might want to take advantage of the next few days. 72 in san jose, 58 degrees at noon in santa cruz. then round out with temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s, los gatos 80 degree, comfortable weather for you. if you're headed to the giants game, hopefully they can pull out a win. last night it was really chilly out there. 7:0060 degrees, bring a jacket. by 9:00 we're down to 57 with fog as you make your way home. they are taking on the pirates. then changes as we head through tomorrow. even as we head through the end
6:49 am
of the week high pressure starts to get closer to the area as it does so it's going to warm us up only to mid-80s. i've eliminated all of the 90-degree weather from the seven-day forecast. inland mid 80s through friday. at the coast the low 70s. gorgeous days even in oakland and san francisco. 8 they degrees by thursday, up to 86 friday, then we level off in time for the weekend. comfortable days next week as well no. triple digits, mike, no 90s this month. i'm enjoying. >> you don't have to use all of those extra ones. it squeezes on the seven-day. here a lot of folks squeezing down toward the bay bridge toll plaza. you see slowing out of emeryville. that's the only major issue. the rest pretty good. the b.a.r.t. system moving smoothly as well. over 50 trains on time after last night's problems with the system. we want to make sure everybody
6:50 am
knows that. moving smoothly, slowing about into hayward for southbound 880 toward that san mateo bridge. a look at the bridge shows you a smooth flow from 880 to the peninsula. you can make out the high rise. hook at these headlights from the peninsula side. we should start the see slowing around 101 south of san francisco, and in toward 92 but the map won't show that much. close to the limit. a little slowing around the 92/280 interchange. that's pretty typical. there might be haze and fog closer to the coast and through the north bay. through the south bay these northbound routes moving nicely, you get a look at these speed sensors. i'll point out 101, 237, 87 off 85 a lot of slowing. the south bay commute has started. >> safe to say mayor lee has his work cut out. his official announcement to run
6:51 am
for the top job in san francisco raised cheers but not so sweet from other voters and candidates. bob redell joins us live from san francisco with a look at what's an traing last 24 hours for the man who runs city hall. >> good morning. interim mayor ed lee certainly does have his supporters. you know this by the tens of thousands of dollars that they have raised before he made yesterday's announcement that he'll run. but his detractor as well, mainly upset he is breaking a promise, made back in january, when he was appointed, a promise not to run for a full term. hence the reason why last night's candidates forum wasn't a welcome wagon reception. >> you lied to the board of supervisors and are in that office under false pretenses. >> reporter: not much love from
6:52 am
fellow candidates. supervisors, board president david ch, e cheed the campaign. lee land yee called for lee to resign for going back on his word. >> it seems to me, just seems to me that had the mayor said that he would in fact run, that he may not have gotten the votes to become the interim mayor. and therefore, now that the promise has been broken, i want to ask the mayor as to whether or not he would resign from this post and then run as just any other individual. >> reporter: the call for lee to resign began as he started to file his papers. a man named charles kaylish asked he to step down for reversing a promise. police arrested kaylish.
6:53 am
mayor lee says he didn't lie, just had a change of heart. >> i haven't changed at all. i've just made a change of running for this offers, i'm entering this race but i haven't changed the way i thought about this city. >> reporter: the ethics commission met to look into whether the unofficial ed run ed campaign broke election laws. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we're glad you stayed out of harm's way. thanks a lot. >> 6:53 now. this morning a man already in jail is accused of willing a 14-year-old girl back in 1984. police announced the new charge against the suspect yesterday. they are not releasing his name but say the killer is a former foothills high school plas mate
6:54 am
of tina faels. the suspect is now 43 years old. police say dna helped them crack that cold case. an update on what ek land police are doing after a toddler was killed by a stray bullet from a drive-by shooting in broad daylight. so tragic. >> reporter: it is a terrible story. this is really shaken up the neighborhood. on down to police officers who have nearly seen it all. there's mobile command post set up near where that 3-year-old boy was hit by a stray bullet. the victim of a drive-by shooting. carlos was with his family when he was struck. two men were also hit, believed to be the intended victims. they will survive. the chief here in oakland has
6:55 am
asked forrics tra resources from the u.s. attorneys office. one nabler told us he thinks that everyone touched by this should make us change. >> it's ridiculous. the people, we all need to wake up. get something started. need to come out and do like the youngsters. come out and pick them up. get their i.d., you got to go. >> he put down a teddy bear near where the boy was shot. that suspect information and about the car involved is vague. i wanted to mention, though, there will be a vigil pont leld by sath groups and the mayor's office. that's 7:00 near 64th an international. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> so sad. a sunk life. innocent as well. it is 6:55 now. we're getting reports that one person is dead after a fire
6:56 am
ripped through a home in martinez early this morning around 4:43 on martha drive off of sadaro drive. the fire was put out around 5:30. one person has died in that fire. we're waiting for confrontation. >> there is a heavy police presence on the streets of london this morning. here is a look at damage in the daylight from the third straight night of rioting. the riots spread out of london into other cities, now police are struggling to contain the violence. rioters looted stores and set fire to buildings, vehicles and garbage cans. as far as the reason behind the riots, there doesn't seem to be a unifying vauz. some are riding to oppose government cuts. the cuts slash welfare payments eliminating thousands of jobs but riders appear to be taking an opportunity for violence.
6:57 am
one wan nelled come doyne the fun as cars and stores were trashed. >> 6:56 i want to get a check of the markets. >> good morning. the markets are up about 96 points. still under 11,000 as we look at the opening bell. we look at what happens today i don't want you to get distracted. all of the talk about the dow and the markets, don't take your eye off the wall. the threat of a double dip recession. what matters in your life is do you have a job, can you afford your home. the markets are not the question but nonetheless the industrial. >> i want to check in with christina with a look at the forecast. >> out the door forecast shows you inland at noon, 70 degrees, rounding out at 79. if you wake up with us and you're the water, 62 as you break for lunch and 66 degrees as a forecasted high. back to you.
6:58 am
>> all right. thank you for joining us. the "today" show is coming up next. as we give you a quick look outside right now. glad to see the fog is getting out of here. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. they're the only cereals with box tops for education.
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